Friday, May 7, 2010
HELLO 2010!!!

OH MY GOSH! How late can I be? It's already the 5th month of 2010 and this is the FIRST post of the year! Hahahaha.... Well, as they say it, better late than never, right hun? Anywho, I'm so not gonna lie. I'm too lazy to blog! Ever since I became more and more active on Facebook, I literally update my whole life there. Like seriously!!! Haha. Not only do I update my status every so often, I uploaded tonnes of photos so that everyone in my contact list knows that I'm still alive and kickin'. Haha. :P I also started to believe in the saying "pictures speak a thousand words". What an excuse, no? But really, why bother explaining bits and pieces here in the blog when one can almost "write a storybook" with just pictures, over on FB? ;)

So yeah, I've had the thoughts to just shut this blog down but I don't know what is stopping me from doing so. I guess, I still need this little space to rant but then again, I've been ranting non stop on FB. Haha! I seriously don't know but I think, for now, I'll just keep this blog. Not that alive for sure but it definitely is still breathing... :P And yes, for those who really want or maybe even need(?) an update about me, please feel free to check out my Facebook page. Add me as your friend if you haven't coz not all pictures are accesible by strangers. That just means, I truly regard my friends on FB as special. Only for the VIPs, geddit? Ah what the heck! Hahaha...

On that note, I hope to see YOU ALL on FB! Hehehehe... Take good care, people! :D

P/S: I still want to post pictures of my mom's bags and more of my stuffs on this blog. Something, which I don't wish to publicly share on FB. May I? HEHE...


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